About Me

I am Shaun Regenbaum, an applied physics undergraduate at Georgia Tech, with some interesting thoughts and unique ideas. I have been fascinated with higher mathematics and theoretical (but experimentally viable) physics since I was a Freshman in high school. I have participated in various challenges pertaining to these subjects such as the Junior National Breakthrough Challenge hosted by Khan Academy, the M3 Modelling Challenge, the International Physics Safecracking Challenge at the Weizmann/Davidson Institute of Science, the Georgia Tech Fair, the NAJSTF, and many more. I have found some success in these competitions, winning the NAJSTF numerous times, being a top finisher in the State Tech Fair more than once, being a finalist and the top math finisher in the Breakthrough Challenge, and travelling all the way to Israel to compete at the international level for the Safecracking Competition.

I have also contributed to a variety of research projects ranging from quantum physics to bioinformatics. This past year (2019) I have been leading a data-analytics research project that is aimed towards helping the graduate admissions team at Georgia Tech to make better decisions in regards to comparing GPAs between the thousands of universities from which they annually receive applicants. I am also the primary bioinformatician in the Tissue Dynamics lab at Hebrew University.

In addition, I am an experienced entrepreneur. In high school I grew a small company into one of Atlanta’s largest event photography firms. I then sold that company, Flash Foto Events, and took a gap year in Israel. There, I joined the Freshub team for a number of months and automated their QA process before attending Yeshivat Birkat Moshe (ברכת משה) in Maaleh Adumim (מעלה אדומים) to study in the academic field of Biblical and Talmudic Literature. If you would like to see my full profile please visit my linkedin.

I have created this website as a means to provide a creative outlet for myself. I will attempt to display my ideas on possible advancements in many subjects, talk about valuable advice in life, explore my own thoughts and emotions,  and explore further topics by writing about them intuitively. I also will display artwork that I create and poems that I have written.

If you have any question for me, feel free to contact me at shaunregenbaum@gmail.com.

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