When do we awake?

When do we awake? A poem by Shaun Regenbaum (circa 2018)

When do we awake?

When the alarm goes off, calling us to life, awake oh slumberers!

Or perhaps when we begin to lose our dreams,

As the threads of our imagination begin to unweave,

While the tapestry that once held us so close begins to unravel,

Leaving us to the cold realities that still lie asleep.

Maybe we are awake before we even begin to drift off,

We tell ourselves that we will arise no matter what,

We tell ourselves both a truth and a lie,

When we plan to arise, and when we will. 

Its always both, at the same time, 

We always know if tomorrow will be an early worm or a tired bird.

So when do we awake?

With the knowledge of tomorrow, or in the rising of the sun?

In the departure of our subconscious tides, or with the singing at our side?

Its not a question that keeps us up at night, but a question nonetheless.

To give strength to the weary, faith to those asleep in the dust.

When do we do so? 

In their nightmares, while the shadows creep around?

Or when they still stand proud, when they tell themselves a lie?

Do we awake the slumberers while they walk wide awake, 

Or do we wait for the night with their eyes shut tight?

Shall we watch their tapestry weave itself, closing in and in with no respite?

You may even claim that we are bound to do nothing,

Nothing until their cries go out, when the final call to awaken has reached its highest note.

Only when the alarms blare and the bleary eyes widen do we step into their vision.

When they begin to discern shapes shall they find a helping hand waiting.

So do we awake? 

With the descent into our minds, or with the rising sun?

In the ascent out of our dreams, or with the songs by our side?