A little over a year ago I delved into the sea of web development. And yes, it is a sea,
Are batteries changing as much as everyone claims?
Looking back at my year in Israel
A Peculiar Question
I propose a new cryptocurrency fundamentally different from every other cryptocurrency. We will discuss the advantages, and the purpose behind
Today, I went to a museum that showcased the life of Menachem Begin. It was all fascinating, but one quote
Is there a place for cryptocurrency in our lives? With a market value of over 100 billion dollars 1, cryptocurrencies are
Last night, I was overlooking Tel Aviv from my brother’s apartment in Givat Shmuel, a wonderful neighborhood across the road
We can electronically send sounds, words, images, videos, and many more types of information. Combinations of these data types can
This is the speech I gave as valedictorian at my high school graduation: Writing speeches is always hard, you can
(Disclaimer: This paper is an extremely old idea that has some outdated ideas and mechanisms of modern encryption. There are